Peachstone is an interactive novel in which you play a member of the secret government agency SCISSOR, tasked with finding and neutralizing top-secret threats.

Game: The game is an interactive novel that tracks your choices. (A graphic novel with me having no budget for graphics.) I created it in Twine. Playing through the game will likely take an hour or so, depending on how quickly you read.

Art: The awesome splash page art was done by Zara Varin.

Gameplay: You play by making choices or by clicking links in the text to get more information. Making the wrong choice at key times will cost you lives. Lose too many lives, and it's game over. (You can configure how many lives you have, making it either somewhat challenging to beat the game, or making it impossible to lose, so that you don't need to stress about it.)

Loading and Saving: If you want to save your progress, the "Save" button will do so. You can load to that game at any time. Saving a new game will overwrite any existing game in that slot. 

Content: Peachstone is intended as a lighthearted smutty lesbian spy caper. If it were a movie, it would be rated R or X for sex, but PG or a light PG-13 for violence. It includes some spy seduction and "tied up by evil dominatrix" bits, so if you are triggered by issues of muddy consent that way, this game may not be what you are looking for. If you're here for lesbian spyjinks, however, you're in the right place!

(If you start the game, you can get a more detailed list of content warnings before the story begins.)

If you have questions or run into bugs, please leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter! I'm there as AmberDelarue.


Special thanks to my early playtesters, who pointed out scripting bugs, grammatical errors, me not knowing what to call certain types of clothing, and general wrongheadedness. The errors that remain are entirely mine.

  • Arden Ripley
  • Cori May
  • Nat
  • Ritzy Ritzinger
  • Rowan Rowden
  • Zara Varin

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As a lesbian, all I could say is.... THIS IS AMAZING!!! ;-;